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Re: Main Page graphic re-design

Postby jujimufu » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:27 pm

The only thing I'd like to see is a better search engine - how much more would I rather be able to search for a composer's name, a composition's instrumentation, a recording's performers, or for arrangements for two pianos bearing the keywords in question. I remember the old IMSLP search was appalling and yielded worse results than randomly hoping you end up on the page that interests you, so I understand using google is a much wiser option, but I feel it's still not very sufficient.

Maybe a simple multiple choice box next to the search engine? (with options like Composer Name, Work Name, Instruments, Genre to initially narrow down one's keywords, and perhaps an "Advanced Search" option which would give one the ability -in a new page- to search by using tags (works for a particular instrumentation of a particular genre), arranger/editor/copyist name, uploader name, instrumentation, excluding words (e.g. I want all piano works that are not sonatas), keys, country of the composer/editor/arranger, number of movements, number of players, dedications, duration of recordings, first publishing, publishing company, publishing location, first performance date, number of pages, or number of downloads -by setting a minimum and maximum, which would allow people to find popular, or overlooked scores, if they are interested in performing either)

I feel that would be incredibly great and helpful for the target audience of IMSLP - but as I am not experienced at all in search engines and content management of wiki websites, I am not sure at all how to go about this. Maybe someone has a better idea? Wikipedia's search engine seems very efficient, and I assume could be turned more efficient if there was an "advanced search" page which provided the visitor with a series of fields and radio buttons, which translated into advanced-search prefixes and parameters as per . I would assume their search engine code is open source, right?

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Re: Main Page graphic re-design

Postby OrbiliusMagister » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:27 am

Hello everybody,

I'm an Italian user popping in every now and then from wikisource and Wikipedia (Leonard Vertighel maybe remembers me).

I just wanted to point out that I translated the new Main page into Italian in

Thank you for your kind attention and keep up the good job (this new color scheme will involve a redesign of many system templates...)


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Re: Main Page graphic re-design

Postby vinteuil » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:54 pm

Thanks; I've transferred it to Pagina principale
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