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Postby Eric » Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:48 pm

is there relatively limited space available on the server (and therefore a reason to be more selective in one's uploads compared to imslp-ca) or does it just seem that way from the increasingly crowded web interface ? (fortunately, I know ftp and will start using that- still, the question is not the latter but rather- sorry !- whether the space is indeed relatively limited. Absolutely limited, of course- that goes without saying for all that one's just said it...)


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Re: Space

Postby jdeperi » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:50 pm


I'm not sure what web interface you're referring to as appearing crowded. There is unlimited space on IMSLP-US; the host's policy is unlimited space, and I seriously doubt that will ever change given increasing competitiveness in web hosting, with all the players offering more and more for fewer and fewer dollars. So there's no reason to be selective at all in contributing to IMSLP-US. Please contribute as much as you possibly can!

I'd be more concerned about slowness of the IMSLP-US server (it's a shared server running on a lowly old machine). But since all it does is run a few simple PHP scripts to serve up files, hopefully speed shouldn't be an issue at any point. If it is, I'd need to implement some kind of dynamic load balancing and mirroring across multiple IMSLP-US servers. That would be far more cost-effective than paying for dedicated hosting.


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