Van Dieren, Bernard - should be under "V", not "D"

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Van Dieren, Bernard - should be under "V", not "D"

Postby brnd » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:23 am


To be really picky about a minor matter: the composer Bernard van Dieren is referred to by surname as "van Dieren", and standard bibliographic practice is to file him under "V", not under "D".

It's true that standard Dutch practice is not to file under "van", while in Belgium they do file under "V" for "Van" (usually capitalized). In any case, the composer Bernard Van Dieren should be filed under "V" - even the Dutch publisher Donemus files him under "V", unlike all of their other "van" composers.

I've recently uploaded a few of his songs, and I have some more to upload soon. If his composer file could be moved to the "V"s, my pedantic side would be very pleased. On the other hand, if changing a composer file is too much hassle, I won't sweat it, and I'll continue to search for Van Dieren under "D".


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