Goldberg variations - measure numbers and other errors

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Goldberg variations - measure numbers and other errors

Postby tuningmeister » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:53 pm

The score of Bach's Goldberg variations, set by Werner Schweer, has a problem with the measure numbering. In any variation with a 1st/2nd ending, he has counted those endings each as a separate measure, making the beginning of the 2nd half, after the repeat, measure 18 instead of 17, and so all measures in 2nd half are off by 1.

Also, this edition does not seem to make use of Bach's latest corrections (see the facsimile of his personal copy of the printed edition). Or something - anyway, variation 25 does seem to miss some of the appogiaturas (Schweer's m 27, 28, 30 for example).

Also there is a flat-out wrong note in that variation, m 9 the sixth note in the treble should be a', not g'.

The typography of not having a slur connecting the upper-neighbor appogiaturas seems wrong, everyone else has it.

I haven't looked at any other variations except to see about the measure numbering, nothing about their musical correctness.


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