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Postby Yagan Kiely » Sat May 29, 2010 2:34 pm

Please register interest here!

PDF or proposal here.

This is a brief initial proposal for a Magazine/Gazette/Journal/etc. relating to the fine arts and the arts in general. I am looking for initial interest not contributors or contributions. However, anyone who merely wishes to register interest can.

I am also looking for people that would be willing to help start this project. Preferably people from many different aspects of the art world (music, literature, Art, photography, film, etc.) to represent there respective areas.

My initial thoughts on the project is that it will be strongly academic in it’s approach. With that in mind, contributions to the project would need to be academically minded and well informed about their respective areas; simply dabbling in the area or writing reviews elsewhere would not be what I’d consider appropriate experience.

Dot points have a wonderful ability of getting straight to the point, so the following is a list of ideas about the project I have. These are ideas, they are not strict and with appropriate collaboration would like grow and change:

* Make a free online magazine/pdf/ebook
* Also one-off payment for iPad and iPhone app.
* Music, literature, painting, photography, film, etc.
------> Anything related to these.
* Quarterly.
* Fairly extensive.
* Many contributors.
* All done over the internet.
* The design style of the magazine changes every issue.
* Clearly laid out form and function.
* Have competing articles on same subject.
* Selected ‘reader’ articles (short).
* 1-2 interview/s per issue.
* Name (suggestions):
------> “Hecademus”;
------> “Homo Aestheticus”
* Non-profit/Creative Commons/Open source.
* If an article is not CC (etc.) then a large notice is given informing everyone of this.

With best regards,

Yagan Kiely

Contact me

Please register interest here!

PDF or proposal here.

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