Publicdomain Project: We search a translator

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Publicdomain Project: We search a translator

Postby nuess0r » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:52 pm

Hi IMSLP community

Feldmahler told me I should place this request directly on the forum.

The Public Domain Project is a community project trying to collect and digitize music recordings which are in the public domain. A few weeks ago we received our ELP Laserturntable, provided by Wikimedia Germany, to get the best possible quality out of the old records.

I'm asking here for help because in the past 8 month we didn't manage to find someone who is willing/able to translate our PR text to English.

We have a PR text in German, which was written by a theater director. In my opinion he did a great job targeting this text to potential sponsors at cultural departements, foundations and others.

We are looking for a person who is able to understand a German text and is willing to write a PR text about our project. It should sound attractive and should gain interest when people working in the cultural area are reading it (That's why we never try it ourself to translate such an PR text, it's just too important :lol: )

We can't spend the money for a professional translator here in Europe.
But we are able to pay something for this translation.

So if you are interested just leave a reply or write me a PM.

About us:
The PUBLIC DOMAIN PROJECT is a "no rights reserved" online music database. The archive focuses mainly on historical shellac records. The Public Domain Project uses the free and open source codec FLAC (audio data compression). It consists of the following projects:

  • The Public Domain Pool, a free Music database of digitalized recordings
  • The Public Domain Wiki, a free music encyclopedia that represent the full inventory of the Public Domain Pool includes all known information about a musical work.
  • The Public Domain Radio that broadcasts the historical recordings as a Internet radio station.
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Re: Publicdomain Project: We search a translator

Postby pjones235 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:11 pm

I sent you a private message about the website, but unfortunately not about translating. Sorry!

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