String trio amateur repetoir

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String trio amateur repetoir

Postby JimViola » Fri May 09, 2014 7:26 am


We are a recently formed amateur trio of violin, viola/violin and cello with the three of us having varying abilities and backgrounds. We are 40 to 60 semi retired from professional backgrounds outside music but all classically trained in our youth. We play because we enjoy it.

It is my intention to post our experiences in playing string trio works sourced mostly from IMSLP.

For starters,_Johann_Baptist).

Very clear music well bowed and fingered. Few technical challenges and all parts can be played in first position. Each short piece focuses on some aspect of ensemble playing with regard to articulation, dynamics and tempo. Excellent for us as a newly formed trio working to develop our "sound" as an ensemble.

Despite their relative simplicity these are very satisfying pieces in the classical style worth playing well. We will be using them as warm up pieces for our practice sessions with some of them suitable to include in a concert program.

Happy playing from JimViola
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