American Patrol (Meacham, Frank W.) Soprano Sax Part

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American Patrol (Meacham, Frank W.) Soprano Sax Part

Postby empires228 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:02 pm

Does anyone have the missing Soprano Sax part for "American Patrol?" It's cued in the 2nd alto, and my community band has a torn partial part so I know it exists, but the people over at band music pdf told me it doesn't exist and therefor wouldn't help me locate it. This was after I proved to them that they were missing the second flute part (which they later put out a request for and obtained) which also "doesn't exist." I'm compiling a full score for my band (and anyone else who wants it) and I would just like to find this one last part before I put it out there.

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