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Montpellier Codex

Postby GW1988 » Sun May 10, 2015 4:27 pm

I've lately become a fan of The Montpellier Codex, and checked out Hans Tischler's 4-book set. I became familiar with the Montpellier Codex through the Anonymous 4 CDs Marie et Marion and Love's Illusion. I have been practicing my violin to these pieces of love poetry.
I was wondering if anybody could complete the PDFs on IMSLP, because only Motets 1 to 101 are on it, and no translations.
A libarian from Brazil (whom I have forgotten both there username and real name but will provide both) was the person who provided the sheet music for Motets 1 through 101.
If completing the PDFs of the rest of the Motets is imposible, I would really like somebody to make a robotized midi or mp3 of those Motets that have already been put on-line.
Thank you very much.

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