The current merch is boring, here's some ideas

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The current merch is boring, here's some ideas

Post by barry74 »

I saw the merch banner and thought that the designs were quite boring because they're literally just a huge logo of the site.

To try to help, I got ChatGPT to generate some quotes that I think might go alongside the logo and are more attractive than just a plain ol' logo:

Public domain jokes:
  • "Public Domain: Where Music is Forever Young!"
  • "No Copyright, No Problem!"
  • "Free as a Bird (Sheet Music Edition)"
  • "Oldies but Goodies: Public Domain Hits"
  • "Vintage Vibes, No Royalties"
  • "Classics Never Retire"
  • "Copyright? More like Copywrong!"
  • "Playing it Old School, Public Domain Cool"
  • "Sheet Happens... in Public Domain"
  • "No Strings Attached: Public Domain Tunes"
  • "Ageless Melodies, Timeless Copyrights"
  • "Beethoven Would Approve (of Public Domain)"
  • "Unleash the Classics, Set Them Free!"
  • "Music That Stands the Test of Time"
  • "No Strings, Just Staves: Public Domain Pleasures"
Musical puns:
  • "Keep Calm and Play On"
  • "I'm With the Band (Sheet Music Edition)"
  • "Treble Maker"
  • "Bach to the Future"
  • "I'm Note-tally Awesome"
  • "Chopin' It Up"
  • "Resting Music Face"
  • "I'm in Treble"
  • "Let's Make Some Noise"
  • "Music: It's How I Roll"
  • "You've Got Great Bass"
  • "Don't Stop Bebop"
  • "Mozart the Way"
  • "Fret Not, I'm Here to Help"
  • "Take Note: I'm a Music Lover"
Now I'm not a graphic designer so that's the extent of my help.
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